Lack of physical therapists an issue

We are in the middle of a national shortage of physical therapists. Estimates show that by 2025, an additional 27,000 physical therapists will be needed to meet the growing demand. In rural and underserved areas of our state, this shortage is already making it difficult to access physical therapy services.

Fortunately, Congress is taking action to address this growing problem. The bipartisan Physical Therapist Workforce and Patient Access Act (S. 970 and H.R. 2802) would take a crucial first step toward ensuring all Americans are able to access quality physical therapy services by allowing physical therapists to participate in the National Health Service Corps student loan repayment program. I urge our state’s senators and members of Congress to join in support of this important legislation to grow the physical therapy workforce.

Russell Darrington,


No excuses for President's actions

I wonder if the Republican candidates who ran against President Trump in the 2016 presidential primary would agree with Sunny Hinojos’s Aug. 8 essay, “Trump a victim of bullying,” that Trump’s behavior is not bullying but a response to being bullied, or would they find that belief delusional.

Given the vast undeniable documentation from the 2016 primary throughout his tenure as president, haven’t Trump’s written and oral responses to those at home and abroad with whom he disagrees been consistent with the definition of bullying, both noun and verb?

Lloyd Fitzpatrick,


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