Check your sources

For those interested in fact checking, please fact check the source for the statistical analysis of mass shootings cited by Mr. Harnly in his Aug. 16 letter to the editor. CrimeResearch.org was founded by John Lott, a strong gun rights advocate. It is not an objective, unbiased organization.

Gretchen Niendorff,


Trump's rhetoric netting bad results

In order to protect President Trump, conservatives like to claim his rhetoric has no effect on acts of violence unless he encourages a particular act.

In my opinion, this is ridiculous. When a leader encourages hatred and violence, he could easily incite disturbed people to act violently.

There is no better example than the shooting in the El Paso Walmart. In this case, the shooter spouted Trump talking points about foreign invaders. His victims were the objects of expressly stated political rage. At a rally, when Trump asked, “How do you stop these people?,” someone shouted “shoot them.” The crowd cheered, and Trump grinned.

We may never know how much the shooter was influenced by Trump, but the huge increase in shootings by white nationalists since Trump took office suggests his rhetoric is having bad results.

Bob Michaelsen,


Opinion page praise

We have subscribed to the Denton Record-Chronicle a long time and are grateful to be living in a well-informed community. The Opinion page gives ideas as well as opinions that inform our civic discourse.

A recent column was instructive. We appreciate the long view of American history that Leonard Pitts understands.

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Norgaard,


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