A purr-fect performance

The Denton Community Theatre’s production of Cats was “purr-fection.”

What an extremely talented group of professional singers, dancers and actors. Costume and makeup design were so artistic and beautiful. There was even an aerial artist — a performance equal to New York or better.

Lots of effort, hard work and passion went into this play, and it showed. Congratulations on a show well done.

Carol Foley,


Refreshing diversion from drivel

I have read Gromer Jeffers for many years in the Dallas paper and was delighted to see him appear in the Aug. 23 Denton Record-Chronicle. That he offers insight without injecting his personal views is a most refreshing change from the usual drivel found on the Opinion page.

I hope the Record-Chronicle will continue to pick up his columns.

Jack Marr,


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