Ecological irony

With a massive backdrop of firewood, Bernie Sanders addresses the Democratic Convention and touts the Green Deal!

Ironic: Trees cut down to burn and make smoke when he is so concerned with climate change, but then what do you expect from an elite Socialist!

John Green,

Hickory Creek

We’ve been snookered

Last week, I saw all the recordings of the whole George Floyd episode. Let me tell you the sainted George Floyd was not a saintly person as portrayed in the eulogies. He did not deserve the horrible treatment he received from the cops. Minnesota DA Keith Ellison snookered us to get a reaction. It went too far. We got outraged citizens and all sorts of people who sympathize with the Black Lives Matter cause. I believe we were snookered by the Democrat Ellison.

Why do I feel this way? The Mueller investigation snookered us. The Kavanaugh hearings snookered us. The impeachment snookered us. Perhaps you can see more. This BLM thing does not stand for the name you give it. Whether you are white, brown, black or any sex you want to describe yourself as today, or for that fact any professional sports figure, and identify as BLM, I think it stands for Black Life Morons. That is what you rioters, demonstrators, throwers of projectiles and thieves have made it. For those who take a knee, you too are Black Life Morons. All these actions have snookered us. Quit destroying a group of people I know in my little world and love. Rid yourselves of BLM.

President Trump has done an admirable job in dealing with COVID-19 and the unknowns therein. You think Joe could do as well? Somehow, I think his nomination is a way to snooker us. And then Kamala. I will never forget the nastiness she displayed in the Kavanagh hearings. What a pick! Don’t think that her comeliness and smile are a reason to vote the Biden-Harris ticket.

I guarantee we will be snookered. I’ll say it, as I have said before in this forum, the Democrat agenda is to destroy!

John Okonski,

Providence Village

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