Reinvent guidelines, not wheel 

Between the Denton Record-Chronicle’s article explaining why Denton’s nascent ethics board has shrunk from 10 to three, Ronald Johnson’s explanation as to why he filed an ethics complaint and Paul Meltzer’s explanation on Thursday [April 4] as to why he voted (all three articles made valid points), it’s no wonder that a petition is being circulated to repeal and replace the current ethics guidelines.

One can only hope that the City Council will get out of its own way and allow the public (who voted to have ethics guidelines in the first place) to have a document in place that has been tried and tested in other cities far bigger and more complicated than Denton. Reinventing the wheel is time consuming and fraught with just the sort of snags that we’ve been reading about.

While I’m at it, maybe council members shouldn’t be choosing the board. (Isn’t that like having the fox guard the henhouse?)

Have objective criteria in place, call for volunteers and do a random drawing. That would take care of several members not being able to vote when it involves the council member who appointed them.

Danna Zoltner,


People should let babies live 

In the constant battle between those against and those for abortion, the positives against abortion far outweigh those for it.

There are approximately 950,000 abortions per year in the U.S alone! How many of these babies could grow up to be doctors, scientists, educators, religious leaders, good government leaders, those in law enforcement and the military. Those in athletics that also add to our lives.

How many of the babies will give and receive love to and from their parents if they don’t exist?

The only positive for those who want to take a baby’s life is the elimination of the ones who will become criminals and are evil and dishonest to their fellow man.

I believe that God gives life to a baby at conception and therefore is the only one that has the right to end that life when he chooses. That means instantly or forever.

James Penton,


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