100% opposite the truth

There was a cartoon on the April 27 Opinion page. It shows me that the cartoonist wants the public to perceive that National Rifle Association members are gun-slinging fat slobs!

It shows a policeman patiently waiting for the man to fall down so he can put his knee on the man’s neck. I am a life member of the NRA since 1971 and have almost 600 monthly magazines from them. I have never seen or read anything like the cartoon depicts. I have met many NRA members from all walks of life. Many are in Kroger and Walmart. They spot my cap, one of three, with NRA on it.

I know the cartoon slob is 100% opposite the truth. I also know that the policeman, seeing the gun, would have disarmed him and put him on the ground and cuffed him. Readers who think the cartoon is only perceived as shown need to become members of the NRA. You will get a free American Rifleman magazine each month and learn the truth for once.

Jim Penton,