No, no and no

A recent letter lauded the Democrats’ efforts to pass a massive election overhaul bill. What is wrong with that? Plenty.

I believe the Democrats, who have opened wide our borders, are trying to figure out ways to allow millions of undocumented immigrants to vote. Chaos would result if Congress approved this 800-page monstrosity.

The Democrats, who never have found a state’s right they do not want to squash, demand that they get to determine where and how many “drop boxes” for ballots each state must have. Talk about an invitation for larceny.

I believe they want to ensure that all noncitizens get the vote. Thank you, Sen. Ted Cruz, for calling this a “single most dangerous bill.”

Do we want mail-in ballots counted 10 days after an election? Do we want Congress to mandate who is a voter and how election districts should be constituted? Is it constitutional for the federal government to police state elections? My answers are no, no and no.

Paul Knopick,


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