We cannot support the world

I have often wondered why these illegal immigrants are so anxious to sneak into our country. Every time I see on the news, they appear well fed (some too much). They are dressed well for the trip. The vast majority have a cellphone. Finally, they have money to pay a coyote $5,000 to sneak into our country. What more could they want than what they already have and are able to get in their own country? It doesn’t appear to be that bad.

Don’t give me the clichés “give me your tired,” the golden rule, or “promote the general welfare.” These illegal immigrants are bad for our country. According to Judicial Watch, in 2018, 42.7% of all federal crimes committed were by non-U.S. citizens. The U.S. Sentencing Commission reveals that 54.3% of the 69,425 federal offenders last year were Hispanic. That is enough for me to close the door to the south, but Congress is ineffective and fights the president at every turn.

Deporting is the only answer to the insanity. To all those with the bleeding hearts, come to the realization that we cannot support the world because of this insanity — all of us will have to pay more for all government services. Don’t cry when your property taxes and income taxes go up to take care of the mess. Just think of what those Democrats said in their debate. They showed more concern for the illegal immigrant than you, the citizen.

I would be embarrassed to call myself a Democrat after that show they put on.

John Okonski,

Providence Village

Every score counts

A letter published July 3 that claimed the U.S. women’s national soccer team “wouldn’t know good sportsmanship if it hit them in the face” would have been amusing had the writer not been so uninformed.

In order to get to the World Cup, the Thai team drummed Indonesia 13-0 then Cambodia 11-0, celebrating after each goal. I did not hear anyone complaining about their sportsmanship. In Major League Baseball a week later, the Astros lost to Toronto 12-0, and I heard nothing about what terrible sports the Blue Jays were as they ran up the score by hitting five unnecessary home runs.

Maybe the main issue is that the writer (as he stated) thinks the U.S. women hate President Trump. It is true that two of the 26 said the president’s values are not like their own. If, on the other hand, the point is that the writer wants the team to not be so competitive, then the future of women in sports will surely be disappointing to him.

I wish he could be happy for the USA, the women’s soccer team and women all over who understand how hard this team has worked to win at the highest level and how well they play under pressure. I won’t even mention the pay disparity because that might seem like whining, and I would rather encourage him to check out a Texas Woman’s University or University of North Texas game this fall and hope the home team clobbers their opponents because every score counts in conference play, just like in the World Cup.

Melinda Jobe-Polvado,

Flower Mound

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