“You all share the American belief that there is strength in all our differences,” Vice President Al Gore told the Institute of World Affairs … Read more

With so much debate about immigration to the United States, it seems to beg the question about who deserves to be here and who deserves to be … Read more

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HUGS go to … all the workers and volunteers on the ground for Denton County Public Health’s drive-thru vaccine clinics as the county returns t… Read more

What is it about abortion? It has become an emotionally charged issue that has divided our country. And not just divided us like the Sooners a… Read more

Clearly, our great nation is on a rapid decline – physically, mentally and spiritually. A nation founded under God is now authored under confu… Read more

George Campbell Childress died 180 years ago on Oct. 6, 1841. He wrote the following words that sealed the Republic of Texas’ fate 186 years a… Read more

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MIDLAND, Pennsylvania — For as much cash and strategy as partisans put into creating a wave for their own parties, they always seem to miss wh… Read more

HUGS go to … all the Denton County residents who participated in this year’s North Texas Giving Day, which again topped its fundraising record… Read more

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“If you want to leave, take good care, hope you make a lot of nice friends out there.” — from “Wild World,” by Cat Stevens Read more

HUGS go to … longtime Denton resident (and longtime competitive home cook) Lori McLain. Her latest win is a recipe named Thai for Two Forbidde… Read more

The past couple of weeks have been unforgettable in Texas. One might say they have been unprecedented, historical and perhaps even bizarre. It… Read more

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Now that Denton’s plan to bring RanchLand Foods here in exchange for over $200,000 in economic incentives is as dead as the grassy field that … Read more

HUGS go to … the Children’s Advocacy Center for North Texas, which just unveiled its new, expanded Lewisville headquarters. The new facility, … Read more