Caring for survivors after tragedy strikes

(BPT) - When you lose a spouse in the line of duty, your world is turned upside down. From the first anniversary spent alone and the first birthday with no one to celebrate, to the first time you check the box marked “widow.” Monica Frost is all too familiar with these moments. She lost her husband, Frank, an Army veteran who survived two tours in Iraq.

Like many survivors, not only was Monica faced with incomprehensible heartbreak and grief over the loss of her partner, she was also met with financial hardship. “No one prepares you for your husband’s funeral, but they really do not prepare you for what comes next,” said Monica. There were funeral costs, a mortgage, and bills to pay with one less source of income for support. As the widow of a veteran, Monica thought she was entitled to survivor benefits. But she had no idea which benefits she was eligible to receive or how to get them from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

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