Joseph Robert “Bob” Fitch was born in Sherman, Texas to William Maurice Fitch and Regina Mae O’Hagan Fitch on July 28, 1938. He went to join his Lord on August 7, 2022 cookies in one hand and a glass of milk in the other.

As a child, Bob enjoyed fishing in the local golf course ponds with his friends and setting the fish free in the same club’s pool. He fashioned a sailboat out of inner tubes, plywood, and a bamboo pole; and set off to explore Lake Benbrook. He continued his love of fishing and sailing into adulthood, particularly with his son Wayne, who added fast motorboats to the maritime pursuits. When he wasn’t pulling boats, he enjoyed pulling legs, often weaving elaborate tales to fool his victims.

Bob married Carol Ann Hess in 1961 and they spent 61 loving and joyful years together raising four children; Wayne, Leann, Kristi and Suzan; and lovingly spoiling their six grandchildren.

Bob’s greatest passion was his family. He enjoyed dispensing big, strong hugs and invaluable advice on everything from how to pack the back of a car to which career would be most appropriate for their newest boyfriend.

He collected friends, books, and jokes. None of which he ever threw away, nor any of the many items that ‘might be useful at some point’. He was fascinated with history, in particular that of World War II, and was often shocked at the lack of interest in the subject of warfare and military strategy of his wife and daughters.

Bob never met a stranger and took longer at any store than his family could ever plan for. He loved to debate politics with anyone. He enjoyed watching and identifying wild birds to the impatient moans of his children in the backseat as the car would screech to a halt to identify yet another feathered critter.

He was well known for his ability to squeeze a nickel from two pennies; impressing many friends and neighbors with his frugalness; which included knowing where the cheapest motel was for any vacation travel, much to the horror of his family.

He is interred at Immaculate Conception Catholic Church in Denton, TX. In honor of Bob’s life, the family asks that you make a donation to the charity of your choice, and have an extra cookie.

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