In 1993, Ivana Trump came to Denton’s Hastings Books, Music and Video to sign copies of her romance novel “Free to Love.”

100 Years Ago

From September 1918

4,000 county men to register for military

Tomorrow, September 12, is the date when approximately 13 million Americans between the ages of eighteen and forty-five years are to register for military service. Denton County is expected to furnish about 4,000 men. Counting those previously registered, this will make the county’s total enrollment for military service approximately 7,500. This is nearly one-fifth of the county’s total population.

Registration officials and their assistants have been appointed and will man booths in each voting precinct from 7 a.m. until 9 p.m. Attention has been called to the fact that it devolves upon each man within the ages prescribed to perform the duty required of him on Thursday. Those who will register must ascertain their exact ages in advance and be prepared to answer promptly the other questions that will be asked in order not to consume unnecessary time.


DON’T BLAME THE CAR! If you leave your car out in the rain and you start to town the next morning and your starter fails to start, don’t blame the starter. The rain affects the starting system badly as well as ruin the wiring system. Sometimes it is necessary to rewire the entire car, and this is very expensive. It affects the top and paint on the car. IT’S CHEAPER to pay us storage on your car and keep it dry. We have a large storage room and our prices are very reasonable. Save the car by storing it in a dry place. THE WRIGHT COMPANY GARAGE, W. Hickory Street. Phone 515.

Forty-One Scouts to camp and hike 4 days

Forty-one Boy Scouts at noon Monday had signed up cards for the hike which all four troops of Denton will take Tuesday morning to Ritter Lake, near Lewisville. Committees on arrangements were at work getting things in readiness for the hike. They will depart at 6:30 Tuesday morning from the First Methodist Church. The scouts will remain at the lake for four days, returning Friday evening.

The “grub” is to be carried on a wagon but each Scout is required to carry the following articles himself: Knife, fork, spoon, cup, plate, toothbrush and paste, extra underwear and sox, blanket, rope, and any other “extras” he wishes to carry.

75 Years Ago

From September 1943

Approval given for Denton airport

Full approval of an airport for Denton, to be used as an Army Air Forces installation during the war and to revert to the city as a municipal airport after the war, has been granted by the federal government through the Civil Aeronautics Authority. Mayor Lee Preston has received the notification.

Through the agreement, Denton will buy the indicated site, about three miles southwest of the city. The site contains 550 acres. The city will purchase the land with the $65,000 worth of bonds voted in the fall of 1941. The CAA then will make all the improvements, including fencing, sodding and building runways, for which more than a half-million dollars has been allotted by the federal government. Upon completion, the airport will be turned over to the Army Air Forces to be used as a training installation as it sees fit. After the war, the airport and its improvements will be given to the city, without additional expense to the city.


SHOE STAMP 18 MUST NOT BE TORN OUT OF BOOK. We want to sell you your shoes … that’s what we are here for. But the law says we can’t, UNLESS you bring in your No. 18 shoe coupon IN THE BOOK. (NOT TORN OUT)

You want to do business with stores that observe the law. These shoe stores will observe the law because we value our customer’s confidence and respect more than we value sale, so…will you please do this, as a special favor to us? Austin Shoe Store/The Boston Store/H. M. Russell & Sons Co./The Williams Store/J. C. Penney Company/Sears, Roebuck & Co./Burr Department Store.

Army completes inspection of eateries

Denton establishments serving food and beverages Friday received final inspection from Army officials, led by Major Robert Johnson, Camp Howze medical corps.

Establishment managers and operators were informed of sanitary deficiencies and have been given a period of adjustment.

“Many places have good fronts, but some of their kitchens are filthy,” Johnson commented.

“Off Limits to Military Personnel” signs will be posted on all eating places which do not conform to the Texas food and drug law after the operator has received warning of his sanitary status.

Some of the required criteria include: adequate fly protection, such as screen doors or a fly repellent fan; employees must have had health examinations; a lavatory with hot water, soap and sanitary towels for employees; dishes must be sterilized with water at 180 degrees; toilet facilities are needed.

From now on, the Army will make periodic inspections to be assured the establishments are maintaining sanitation.

“The primary reason for this is to help end the war in as short time as possible by keeping the health of all military personnel at highest pitch possible,” said Johnson.

50 Years Ago

From September 1968

County supports airport road

The Denton County Commissioners Court Monday voted its support to a group of Denton citizens who hope to sell the Texas Highway Department on a road from Denton south to the site of the Dallas-Fort Worth regional airport.

A group of Chamber of Commerce and city officials appeared before the court’s regular session. Spokesman was Bill Utter of the Highways, Streets and Roads Division of the chamber.

Utter said the Denton group would make its sales pitch around two angles: Existing roads to the proposed airport are crowded, and the route is a circuitous one.

It has been proposed that a so-called Interstate 35 be constructed from Denton to the Hillsboro area, between Interstates 35E and 35W.

Utter said he realized that right-of-way purchase would be expensive, but “the longer we wait, the more expensive it will get.”


Why Pay More for Color TV? Largest color screen made … None Larger Anywhere.

You get a BIG 23-inch diagonally measured picture plus a powerful 25,000-volt chassis to give you the sharpest, brightest color picture imaginable. Sears low price — $377. No monthly payment ’til Feb. 1st, 1969.

25 Years Ago

From September 1993

Ivana Trump signs books in Denton

Julie Jones cut class to get Ivana Trump’s autograph Wednesday afternoon.

“And I’m the teacher,” she said laughing. “I actually got someone to cover for me, so I could be here.”

The special education teacher at Lake Dallas Middle School was among several hundred fans and the merely curious who showed up at Hastings Books, Music and Video to get their copies of the former Mrs. Donald Trump’s signature on her new romance novel Free to Love.

It’s the sequel to her first book, the best-selling For Love Alone.

Ivana was perfectly charming to everyone who came to see her. There was a smile, a question, a comment, a thank-you for each of them.

When Ivana saw Art and Bonnie Newman in line, she almost came out of her chair.

“I’ve been trying to call you two,” she told them. “Where have you been?”

Turns out Art Newman was the Trumps’ director of flight operations and their personal pilot for four years. He flew them all over the world in their plane, a gold-plated 727. The couple own a farm near St. Jo and plan to raise emus.

“Ivana Trump is a world-class lady,” Art said with genuine affection. “She’s fantastic and has a wonderful family. The children are good kids. She’s going to do better without Donald Trump than she did with him.”

Ivana described her third book, On My Own, that is already at the publisher’s and due out next year, as being “about divorce, working women, a lot of things.”

Her advice to divorcing and divorced women? “Get over it fast,” she suggested. “Don’t dwell on it. Go on with your life with courage and confidence. Build your own life.”

— Compiled from the files of the Denton Record-Chronicle by DJ Taylor

DJ TAYLOR resides in the Sanger/Bolivar area. He can be reached at 940-458-4979 or djtaylortx@centurylink.net.

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