100 Years Ago

From May 1921

Roundabout Town

There continues to be much complaint by householders in Denton that chickens are being permitted to run at large, greatly to the detriment of young gardens, flowers, etc., despite a city ordinance to the effect that this is unlawful. One householder said Monday afternoon that he had been trying in every way to beautify his place with flowers and raise a garden, but without success because of the depredations of his neighbor’s chickens. He said he wished something could be done to impress upon the people that great damage is being wrought by their chickens when not kept penned up.

Large apartment house on Oakland completed

R.J. Turrentine has completed one of the largest and most complete apartment houses that has ever been built in Denton. The building contains several apartments complete in every detail. There are private bath rooms for six apartments. The building is on Oakland Avenue across the street from the C.I.A. campus.

75 Years Ago

From May 1946

TSCW goes on bread diet to conserve flour

Two breadless meals per week and reduction of bread, cake and pastry consumption at all meals will be Texas State College for Women’s contribution to the national flour conservation programs, Miss Nell Morris, head dietitian, announced today.

Claude Castleberry, TSCW purchasing agent, said after checking a two-day supply of flour normally used at the college (1,600 pounds), that a saving of from 200 to 300 pounds of bread and fewer cakes and pastries will result from the new plan, which went into effect Tuesday.

No bread, cakes or any food containing flour will be served on breadless menus designated each week, and students have been asked to take only as much bread and cereal at all meals as would be eaten. Bread and sweet rolls will not be served on the same breakfast menu, Miss Morris said.

50 Years Ago

From May 1971

Top reader

Donald Manning, first-grade student at the Graham Country Day School, has read 145 library books this year and is still reading. The son of Mr. and Mrs. Larry Manning, 821 Kings Row, Donald will receive the “Top Reader Award” at the school’s end-of-the-year program at 11:15 a.m. Friday at the Woman’s Club Building.

25 Years Ago

From May 1996

‘Army’ plans new service centers

The Salvation Army said Friday it plans to build a community center in Denton to house and feed the city’s homeless.

The Army also plans a service center in Lewisville.

The two proposed centers will be financed by a $10 million fund-raising campaign by the Salvation Army. Some money already collected includes a $100,000 donation for the Denton center and a $300,000 gift for the Lewisville center that will completely pay for that project, according to Salvation Army officials.

The $10 million campaign was announced this week at the Salvation Army’s annual Dallas County meeting at the Fairmont Hotel in Dallas. The money will be used for new service and community centers in a five-county area around Dallas. Salvation Army officials said they have received pledges totaling $6.4 million and hope to raise the rest of the money by the end of the year.

Construction on the Denton center originally was expected to begin in June 1996. Capt. Robert Winters, chairman of the local campaign, said that the center became part of the larger $10 million campaign.

“It gives us a better chance to realize the $1.2 million we need here in Denton,” Mr. Winters said.

The new Denton Community Center will be about 12,000 to 15,000 square feet. It will provide emergency shelters for the homeless, a multi-purpose gymnasium and classrooms for educational purposes.

The Lewisville center will be a 4,000- to 5,000-square-foot building that will provide goods and services for the needy.

Mr. Winters said the Denton Salvation Army corps now has a shelter on Maple Street, but that the shelter is able to provide housing only for about 10 women and children.

The Denton Gospel Mission operates a separate men’s shelter with 11 beds.

Capt. Winters said the new center will have rooms for single women, single men and families. Officials do not know yet how many people would be housed in the new center.

Steve Mallow, director of the Denton Gospel Mission men’s shelter, welcomed the announcement of additional housing for the homeless.

“I’m looking forward to it. We need it. I’m glad someone is coming with more room and more shelters,” he said.

Mayor Bob Castleberry said the center will serve to meet the needs of the homeless in Denton better than any previous effort by any group.

Bob Edwards, the Greater Metroplex Capital Campaign director for the Salvation Army, said the new center will help the city meet needs for emergency housing and youth activities that were identified in a needs-assessment study conducted by the United Way in the early 1990s. The study focused on the counties in Denton, Dallas, Collin, Ellis and Kaufman. Officials could not cite specific figures.

Salvation Army officials will meet next Friday in Denton to discuss the details of the center, including where it will be located.

Mr. Edwards said the $6.4 million that has been raised by the Salvation Army is a result of a pacesetting campaign involving corporations and organizations that previously donated to the Salvation Army. Mr. Edwards said the Salvation Army is hoping to receive about $250,000 from Denton businesses and residents.

Included in the $6.4 million is a $500,000 grant from the Meadows Foundation, a Dallas-based charitable organization. Mr. Edwards said the Meadows Foundation donation specified $300,000 for the Lewisville center, $100,000 for the Denton center and $100,000 for a center in McKinney.

The donation from the Meadows Foundation is enough to fund the Lewisville center in its entirety, Mr. Edwards said.

Construction on the $1.2 million Denton community center is expected to begin later this year, Mr. Winters said. He added that the Salvation Army hopes to achieve its $10 million goal by the beginning of the summer.

— Compiled from the files of the Denton Record-Chronicle by Leslie Couture for the Denton Public-Library

LESLIE COUTURE can be reached at 940-349-8762 or leslie.couture@cityofdenton.com.

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