Scott Armey and Kirk Wilson

Denton County Commissioners Scott Armey, 24, front, and Kirk Wilson, 25, are shown inside the Commissioners Courtroom in the county courthouse in May 1993.

100 Years Ago

From June 1919

Denton warns idlers to leave, get farm work

Denton Mayor H.V. Hennen and the city commission Friday morning instructed City Marshal W.M. Swinney to warn all idlers in the city that they must get out and get work or they will be locked up. Due to the fact that there is a great demand for labor in the harvest fields of the county, it was decided that the idlers should not be permitted to remain in the city. All loafers are warned that they must either go to work or move on.

There has been a heavy call from farmers during the past few days on the labor bureau established by the Chamber of Commerce. With the harvest now upon the farms, a large number of men have been sent to the fields and more are needed.

It is said that the wages being paid generally over the county now are $3 a day plus board for hired hands. With the high cost of foodstuffs this in most instances is equal to about $4 a day.


SWIMMING TIME! Of course you want to go swimming for there are so many good places to go now — TAYLOR’S LAKE; CLUB LAKE; CASCADE PLUNGE; HOFFMAN’S LAKE. We want you to see our new Swimming Caps, too. We are sure you will like ’em. If you happen to get sunburned, we have Cold Cream, the Talc Powder ’n everything. Camp Drug Store. If it’s in town, we have it. Phone 89.

Great Lakes-to-Gulf Highway routed here

The Great Lakes-to-Gulf Highway will be routed via Denton instead of following the Santa Fe railroad via Krum, Ponder and Justin, according to Secretary T.M. Kerbow of the Chamber of Commerce. This means that the highway will enter the county near Sanger, then into Denton and from Denton will follow the route of the state highway which has not yet been selected from Denton to Fort Worth.

The proposed Dallas-Canadian-Denver Highway will come from Sanger to Denton but will run from Denton to Dallas via Lewisville. One advantage of the designation of the national route through Denton is said to be because federal aid is granted such highways. Mr. Kerbow said many tourists will pass through Denton using the highways.

M.W. Deavenport of Denton has been named vice president of the Great Lakes Highway Association.

Note: The Fort Worth-Denton Highway route was determined later in June to pass through Keller and Roanoke after strong opposition from the Haslet and Justin communities.

75 Years Ago

From June 1944

Allies invade France, local churches open

That the people of Denton are vitally interested in the success of the Allied invasion effort and in the safety of the men engaging in the movement was readily apparent Tuesday night when a large audience attended a union prayer service at the First Presbyterian Church, USA, sponsored by the Denton Ministers Association. From 7:30 until 8 o’clock the church chimes were played from the tower, featuring prayerful and meditative hymns.

Churches of Denton are remaining open throughout the day for prayer, and the public has been invited to enter any local house of worship at any time during the day for quiet meditation and prayer. Many residents availed themselves yesterday of the opportunity to enter open churches for prayer.


ON TO BERLIN RALLY. Hollywood Stars IN PERSON — Johnny Mack Brown, Gale Storm, Lasses White & Jeri Wayne. Several Returned War Heroes from McCloskey Hospital. 35 rare articles to be auctioned. Court House Square, Tuesday 2:30 to 4:30.

Harvesters, berry pickers needed

Many berry pickers are now needed in the county, according to County Agent G. R. Warren, who through his office is making an effort to supply needed farm labor. Pickers who work principally in the early mornings are being paid 25 cents per gallon.

Thresher hands are also needed and anyone who desires to work with threshing crews or do any other type of farm labor should get in touch with the county agent’s office, reporting the type of labor he wants to do and the time he can devote to it. Also, farmers in need of assistance should contact the office to make their needs known, Warren said.

Farm labor wages are not fixed, and farmers make their own agreement with workers, it was pointed out.

50 Years Ago

From June 1969

D-Day recalled by locals who took part

When Allied planes delivered the first troop assault waves ashore at Normandy Beach 25 years ago today, Al Rives and L.T. Clark were right there.

Clark remembers the landing. Rives does not.

Both men are among several Denton residents who participated in the largest and most significant invasion ever performed: the assault on Hitler’s “Fortress Europa.”

Rives, now retired after years in the photography business, and Clark, manager of the Zales Jewelry store here, flew in on gliders behind enemy lines. Clark recalls his landing as relatively uneventful. Rives only knows what the others told him about it, however.

The British-built glider which Rives co-piloted crashed, nearly killing him. The glider, carrying 105 men, was a part of the leading glider assault wave which reached the mainland of France before midnight on June 6. The overloaded glider managed to dodge trees in a hedgerow, cleared a large ditch and finally crashed into a forest.

Rives woke up a month later at an army hospital in Cardiff, Wales.

Clark, a private in the 101st Airborne Infantry Unit, also landed in France aboard a glider.

No one was injured on Clark’s glider coming in, but that changed.

“In 35 days of fighting,” Clark remembers, “the 101st lost 65 percent casualties.” The 101st fought its way back to Cherbourg where what was left of the division was picked up by ship and taken back to England before deploying as part of the Allied invasion of Holland.

“In more than a month of combat on Normandy,” he states, “I never got to take off my boots, and I was able to shave only twice.”


Clearance!!! Ladies Swim Suits — $7.77; Girls’ Dresses — $1.77 to $3.77; Cool Comfort Straw Hats — $1.97 to $4.97; Summer Bags — $2.47 to $4.77. Craven’s Dry Goods, Corner E. Hickory and Austin.

Ordinance makes inciting riots illegal

The Denton City Council Wednesday night passed an ordinance making it illegal to incite a riot in Denton.

According to Assistant City Attorney Ralph Mann, the ordinance is to “... get the person in the office who organizes them (riots) not the guy who actually participates.”

25 Years Ago

From June 1994

County commissioners face budget knife

County Precinct One Commissioner Kirk Wilson, who recently hired a close college friend, Andrea Williams, to replace another college buddy, Jeff Carey, as his chief administrator, now seeks to hire a part-time secretary just as commissioners court looks to trim the budget for the coming fiscal year.

Precinct Two Commissioner Sandy Jacobs now is the only court member who has an administrative aide and a part-time secretary. At present, Mrs. Jacobs, who has been in office longer than any of the other commissioners, has the largest budget of the commissioners, followed by Commissioner Wilson.

Precinct Four Commissioner Don Hill has the smallest budget request, followed by Precinct Three Commissioner Scott Armey.

Mr. Armey said he cuts back on training and education, saying he does not travel much.

Mr. Armey said he also trimmed expenses by cutting a part-time secretary job, using college interns for clerical work.

— Compiled from the files of the Denton Record-Chronicle by DJ Taylor

DJ TAYLOR resides in the Sanger/Bolivar area. He can be reached at 940-458-4979 or

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