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Lewisville Lake is seen around sunset Saturday from Pilot Knoll Park in Highland Village. The lake’s water level, which is currently about 6 feet above normal, could go even higher with more rain in the forecast this weekend and early next week.

California is shipping another wave our way, but this one will be markedly less political.

A low-pressure system moving from the West Coast into the Texas Panhandle is projected to form the potential for severe storms for much of North and Central Texas.

Monique Sellers, meteorologist with the National Weather Service, said counties west of Denton could see storms Friday night.

Denton and surrounding counties will probably see the first bits of rain falling in the wee hours of Saturday morning, but Sellers expected it to clear up by Saturday evening.

“By Sunday we should be clear, sunshine, blue skies,” Sellers said. “Like nothing ever happened.”

While 1 to 2 inches of rain are projected for parts of the county, Sellers didn’t expect to see much potential for flooding. That is, not until the next week.

Projections are still a bit murky so far out, but county residents should keep an eye out for storms Monday night into Tuesday morning. Those storms should be roughly the same scale as what we can expect this weekend.

With an area that’s already partially saturated and storms on the way, Sellers said the potential for flooding early next week is a real one, even if it’s not yet guaranteed.

Currently, lake levels at both Lewisville Lake and Ray Roberts Lake are above normal. Lewisville Lake, which normally sits at 522 feet above sea level, is currently at 528.22 feet. Ray Roberts Lake, which normally sits at 632.5 feet, is now at 636.7 feet above sea level.

For now, the NWS is monitoring the possibility for wind gusts above 60 mph this weekend. While projections Thursday afternoon indicated much slower wind speeds, those estimates could very well change in the coming days.

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