Showers and thunderstorms are expected to bring 2 to 4 inches of rain by the end of Wednesday night, with some spots possibly getting up to 6 inches.

A flash flood watch is in effect through Wednesday evening, with officials warning that flash flooding could happen in areas with poor drainage.

“Small hail and gusty winds are possible, but the main severe weather threat is west of Denton County,” said Jason Godwin, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Fort Worth. “The main concern for Denton is the heavy rain potential.”

Storms that began Tuesday evening were expected to continue through Wednesday. There could be a small break late in the morning, but rain will pick back up in the afternoon and into the evening.

Godwin said most areas in Denton County will accumulate 2 to 4 inches of rain by the time the system moves out late Wednesday evening into early Thursday morning, but some areas could get more.

“It’s hard to say where it’s possible because it tends to be more localized pockets, but it’s possible for parts of Denton County,” he said of the heavier rainfall amounts.

With the incoming rain, AAA Texas reiterated ways that drivers can stay safe on wet roads and in potential flooding situations.

Drivers should never drive on a road covered with water, never try to start a car that has taken on water and should avoid using cruise control. If the car takes on water, leaving the car and getting to safer and higher ground should be a priority.

Drivers should also increase their following distance behind other cars, drive more slowly on the roads and remember how to respond to skidding. If a vehicle starts to skid, don’t slam on the brakes; instead, look and steer in the direction the vehicle needs to go in, AAA Texas says.

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