Water on I-35

Flash flooding put a stretch of northbound Interstate 35 underwater in Sanger on Saturday evening.

Sanger was hit hard by Saturday’s storms with flash flooding causing a stretch of Interstate 35 to close and tree limbs littering residents’ yards.

The evening thunderstorms brought 3 inches of rain in Sanger within an hour, which caused the flooding, said Denton County Emergency Services Coordinator Jody Gonzalez. Denton and surrounding counties were hit with flash flood warnings Saturday evening.

“I-35 in Sanger was closed for about 45 minutes to an hour due to flooding but is now reopened,” Gonzalez said Saturday night.

He said emergency services also had to do water rescues on the highway, but none required the use of a boat. There were no injuries or fatalities, and those rescues were completed by 8 p.m.

Several people in a vehicle had to be rescued on Rector Road, he said.

“Most auxiliary roads were flooded,” Gonzalez said. “It’s receded now.”

Large tree limbs also scattered residents’ lawns, with some coming close to hitting homes. Some reported power outages were still being worked through Saturday night.

In Little Elm and Lewisville, officials were helping boaters on Lewisville Lake get back to shore.

While Sanger got about 3 inches of rain, Denton saw just half an inch.

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