With showers and thunderstorms possible Wednesday and over the weekend and temperatures starting to heat up, Denton and the rest of North Texas are not out of the woods yet on the threat of severe weather.

According to the National Weather Service in Fort Worth, there is a 20% chance of showers and thunderstorms for Denton during the day Wednesday, and a 30% chance for storms Wednesday night.

National Weather Service meteorologist Patricia Sanchez said Tuesday morning that the storms, which forecasters believe will be heading southeast from Oklahoma, can be severe if they do develop. “It’s going to be brief, but it’s going to be heavy rain,” she said.

The weather service’s hazardous weather outlook names damaging winds as the main hazard, with hail possible. Heavy rain may also result in flooding.

Thursday and Friday will see high temperatures across North Texas in the mid-90s, according to forecasters. Sanchez said there are no heat advisories or warnings currently in place for the area, but that the temperatures can still pose a health risk.

“We always say to take frequent breaks from the sun,” Sanchez said. She said constant hydration is important for anyone spending time outdoors in the heat.

The weather service also forecasts a 20% chance of showers and thunderstorms Saturday and a 30% chance Sunday.

Sanchez said it’s difficult to forecast the severity of the weekend’s potential storms given how many days away they are, but that they do have at least a low chance of becoming severe, although they are not presently forecast to.

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