Denton resident Jacob Campbell registers to vote with assistance from volunteer Linda Creagh during National Voter Registration Day on Sept. 24 at Emily Fowler Central Library.

More than 14,000 Denton County residents have registered to vote since the November 2019 elections to decide several city and state amendments.

Frank Phillips, elections administrator for Denton County, said that type of surge wasn’t unexpected.

“That’s pretty standard because you have so many people that are getting geared up for the presidential [race],” Phillips said.

He said it seems common for new voters or those who recently moved to the area to not bother to re-register until closer to an election deadline, such as the recently passed Feb. 3 deadline to register to vote for the March primaries.

From Nov. 5 to Feb. 3, 4,834 voter registrations were canceled in the county, according to documents provided by the elections administration.

Nearly two-thirds of the cancellations fell into a generalized category in elections administration documents.

Over the years, Phillips said most of the canceled registrations are from people moving out of the area or dying.

No voters were purged from the rolls over the three-month window measured, according to Phillips and records provided.

Of the 14,235 new registrants during the same time period, nearly 6,800 were enrolled by the Department of Public Safety while updating their driver’s license.

Phillips said that’s typically the most common way people register, but primary years usually see plenty of voters enrolled through deputy voter registrars at various events across the county.

To see if you’re registered, visit the election administration’s website at A list of early voting locations, as well as lists for each party’s primary, is available within the same website.

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