Texas Solidarity Caravan demonstrators took to Interstate 35 Saturday in support of social justice and equality efforts.

The demonstration was hosted by Indivisible Denton, a local political group that focuses on social justice issues. Activist Queen Janata Montgomery, an Indivisible member and an organizer of the event, said the goal of the caravan was to have demonstrators along I-35 all across Texas. She said that while the caravan does have a Black Lives Matter focus, it broadly supports equality efforts and groups such as the LGBT community.

“We want to address the social injustices,” Montgomery said. “We need to make sure there’s an understanding.”

The caravan is one of many demonstrations to take place recently, both locally and worldwide, in the wake of police brutality incidents. But Montgomery, an active participant in many events, said she doesn’t believe social justice movements, especially BLM, are fading in impact as time goes on.

“It’s not like protesting is not doing its job,” Montgomery said, citing the removal of the Confederate monument from the Square as an example of the impact demonstrations can have.

“For the most part we’re regrouping to find out where we are,” Montgomery said. “We’re still fighting.”

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