Teasley Lane at Dallas Drive

Construction crews work on Teasley Lane at Dallas Drive on Wednesday. City officials say the construction on the intersection will be done by the end of June.

The Dallas Drive and Teasley Lane construction project is 75 percent complete and is expected to be finished June 28, said Dustin Draper, project manager of Denton’s capital projects department.

The project aims to improve the flow of traffic at the intersection by allowing more vehicles into the turn lanes as well as improve the sidewalks and upgrade the traffic signals to “alleviate congestion and improve safety,” according to the city’s original announcement about the construction. Construction began in November and was originally scheduled to be completed this spring.

“The rain has been killing this project,” Draper said. “This rain wreaked havoc.”

Because of rain expected this week, the new completion date is two weeks after June 14, which was listed as the completion date in this week’s construction report. Draper said the many days of rain this past winter and spring made it too cold to pour concrete or too wet to work.

But while the rain has added to the project’s timeline, the cost has gone down.

Initially estimated to cost $750,000, the project is now estimated to come in at $698,000 — even with the weather delays — because of lower contractor costs and the use of in-house crews.

“It’s very rare,” Draper said about this project coming in under budget. “Less than 10 percent of the time, projects come this much under.”

Draper said 78 percent of projects come either right at the estimated costs or just a hair under. He also said the money saved — an estimated $52,000 — will be going back into the signal upgrade program.

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