The 19Twenty apartments have had raw sewage leaking in the apartment complex and individual apartments for nearly two weeks. While the city has written up the owners for violations as repairs are slow to come, the problems are continuing.

The City of Denton issued 19Twenty Apartments, at 1920 N Ruddell St., a violation notice for unsafe building conditions after residents reported raw sewage leaking in the complex.

Original tunnel repairs were completed on June 10 at the south end of the building then another drain failed at the building’s north end and began overflowing as well, said city spokesperson Ryan Adams.

The city issued the notice of violation June 17 after the complex failed to repair the building drain in a timely manner, but flooding issues are continuing for residents.

19Twenty resident Kyla McKinzie said she has experienced multiple issues with plumbing and flooding both in her apartment and around the complex since she first moved there Aug. 20, 2019.

“A couple of weeks ago, I noticed they will let the sewage out and intentionally open the sewage,” McKinzie said. “They turn off the water because somebody’s toilet is overflowing and they open up the little drain cap and just let the sewage go.”

McKinzie said she had never seen a professional plumbing company come out to address the plumbing issues. She also said she had difficulty when trying to address the problems with maintenance.

“At like 12 o’clock at night, my toilet overflows and it overflowed so bad it seeped through the wall of my bathroom into my kid’s closet,” McKinzie said. “I called emergency maintenance six times and finally someone answered. It was the maintenance guy, and I told him what was going on and that I didn’t feel like I had to clean up raw sewage out of my apartment. The man told me, ‘Well, I live too far, so we’re not coming out.’”

After multiple calls were not returned, the Denton Record-Chronicle went to the property’s leasing office and the property manager on staff said they were unable to comment.

The complex’s property management company, Wehner Multifamily LLC, did not respond to a request for comment.

Meanwhile, Adams said the property owner is in the process of hiring a contractor to complete the work.

McKinzie said she and her neighbor cleaned up the apartment after emergency maintenance did not come.

When McKinzie went later that morning to talk to a manager in the leasing office about the situation and ask for laundry credit to clean the clothes that came in contact with the sewage, she said the manager escalated the situation, threatening to call the police on her.

“I told her, ‘Look, I’m not asking for you to replace anything, I just wanted to know if y’all can at least give me laundry credit because you told me yourself the maintenance man handled that situation wrong,’” McKinzie said. “I didn’t come in there with no attitude. She got mad and said this conversation is over. She kicked me out of the office and called the cops.”

McKinzie said after she and other residents filed complaints, city staff have been very helpful and responsive in working with residents.

“Frankly, I don’t think they’re going to be able to fix everything because literally nothing in the apartment works,” McKinzie said.


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