The Texas Legislature’s latest redistricting map shows where District 57 — outlined in red — would be located in Denton County.

Three Republicans and zero Democrats had filed for Denton County’s newest Texas House District 57 by Monday afternoon.

Matthew Haines, a Shady Shores landlord, announced his bid for the seat Monday.

A Facebook page and campaign website for Haines were sparsely populated Monday.

Fellow Republicans Richard Hayes and Matthew Poole filed on Nov. 13 and Nov. 17, respectively. The Republican primary will be held on March 1.

The Texas secretary of state’s website didn’t list any Democrats who had filed for the District 57 seat, but the website does have a delay and the filing deadline isn’t until Dec. 13.

Haines, in a news release, cited firsthand experience of “the horrors of government overreach and the powers that government can exert on private businesses during declared states of emergency” as a significant reason for his run for public office.

Specifically, he said his company lost more than $250,000 because people living in his rental properties weren’t paying rent during the ongoing pandemic, and that a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention moratorium prevented him from evicting those people, which he wrote was an infringement on private property rights.

He is the owner of multiple businesses, including Tangent Properties, which operates 13 single-family homes and three apartment complexes, according to his release.

A Facebook page for the company listed properties in Plano, The Colony, Garland and various other locations across North Texas.

Hayes is a local lawyer, and Poole serves as Ponder’s mayor. House District 57 was wedged into Denton County as part of the state’s redistricting efforts, and its shape has shifted since the first draft was submitted earlier this year.

Poole originally announced plans to seek the District 63 seat. The Texas secretary of state showed him filed to run for District 57 as of Monday.

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