Harvest House

Outside Harvest House bar. 

Denton police said Tuesday that nobody will be charged with a hate crime in the assault of a bar manager at Harvest House last month, in which he said he was hit in the face by a man who had multiple swastika tattoos on display.

The assault happened July 28, the night after the white nationalist organization Patriot Front held a flash protest outside Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios, chanting “Reclaim America!” before leaving in a moving van.

In a memo published Tuesday, Police Chief Frank Dixon wrote that investigators found the Harvest House assault was unrelated to the Rubber Gloves protest.

“The group involved in the Harvest House incident was in no way linked or associated with the hate group from Rubber Gloves,” Dixon wrote in the memo. “This does not in any way, shape, or form, negate the fact that we had two incidents in our city that had facets of hate engrained in them.”

Investigators probed the Harvest House incident but did not look too far into the Patriot Front protest, according to Dixon’s memo. There were no reports of violence at Rubber Gloves, police have said.

At Harvest House, bar manager Alex Moon said he asked a group of about four people to leave because he and others in the bar could see multiple swastika tattoos on one of the men in the group. Moon said he was hit in the face with a pint glass and called an anti-Semitic slur.

Dixon wrote in the memo that investigators found the man who allegedly hit Moon and interviewed him. The man denied using the slur and hitting Moon, police said.

Dixon said the man admitted to being a member of a Texas prison gang. Witnesses told police that somebody in his group shouted the initials for the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas before leaving the bar. The man denies this, too, Dixon said.

Police spokeswoman Khristen Jones said the man will not be charged with a hate crime because he did not enter the bar to assault Moon. The bar manager was allegedly assaulted during a dispute, and it’s not clear to police how the dispute began, Dixon wrote.

Authorities have summoned the suspect to appear in municipal court for a Class C misdemeanor assault by contact case, the memo reads.

Jones, the police spokeswoman, said the man who is accused of assaulting Moon is from the area, while the people involved in the Patriot Front rally are not.

Dixon wrote in the memo that officers were unable to prepare for the Patriot Front protest at Rubber Gloves because it was unannounced, calling it a “flash protest.” He said officers were on scene within about five minutes after the first 911 call, but the group was already gone.

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