A new park in east Rayzor Ranch is nearing the end of construction. The property, nearly 10 acres, is located on Heritage Trail and Linden Drive.

The park’s primary focus is to be a “passive” neighborhood park, said Kevin Bankhead, who is working on the development of the park for Rayzor Ranch East Addition. Developers are currently working on landscaping, which Bankhead said will last through the summer.

Denton Parks and Recreation Director Gary Packan anticipates that the park, not yet named, will be finished in the fall barring bad weather or impacts from COVID-19.

Bankhead said the park will incorporate “thematic elements” of the prairie land to the west of Denton, drawing from open grasslands that were there in the late 19th century.

“The thought is to tell a little bit of the story of the open grazing and grasslands to the west and tying into some of the cattle drives that occurred in the late 1800s,” Bankhead said.

A presentation to the Denton City Council last spring touched on the design concept. Educational panels will be featured at the park to provide more information on the area’s history. The property also has large berms of dirt bordering it, which enables some of the native grasses to be displayed.

“All that ties back into the Rayzor Ranch element … that it [was] a ranch and has historical ties back to the Rayzor family,” Bankhead said.

The berms of dirt will add scenic characteristics to the park, as well as make it a place that residents might want to have a picnic, Bankhead said.

The Rayzor Ranch property park is a requirement for Denton’s Department of Development Services’ Park Land Dedication and Development ordinance. The Parks and Recreation Department will likely take control of the park when construction is nearing completion.

The dedication aspect cost about $364,000, and the development costs about $255,000. The dedication portion has been paid by the city and can be refunded if the City Council passes the Development Agreement.

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