John and Barbara Cantú, parents of Lily Cantú, and Rudy Rodriguez are pushing to get the North Lakes Park playground named after her, Thursday, July 29, 2021, in Denton, Texas. Lily died at the age of 20 while working in a nonprofit clinic in Peru. She was a Denton native who committed herself to serving others.

Seventeen new names for Denton parks, fields and trails were approved by a city board vote Monday evening, but it’s still too soon to install new signs.

All names approved by the Parks, Recreation and Beautification Board Monday evening must go before the full Denton City Council for formal approval before acquiring signage and other final steps can be taken.

Gary Packan, director of Parks and Recreation, said the board will review another batch of applications toward the end of the month. It’ll then meet on Oct. 4 to plan full presentations of its recommendations to the City Council at a later date.

Among names approved Monday was the name change of North Lakes Playground at 2001 W. Windsor Drive to Librada “Lily” Cantú Playground.

Cantú, a 20-year-old Denton native, died 11 years ago this November while serving the community of a church in Peru.

Her family, friends and even community members who never met her started a campaign to get her childhood park named in her honor.

In total, five other park and facility names were approved by the board Monday night.

They were:

  • Denia Softball Field #1 at 1000 Parvin St. to be named Tim Brewer Field in honor of former local baseball player Tim Brewer who was the baseball announcer for Denton High School and died in 2016.
  • Evers Park Baseball Field #1 at 3201 N. Locust St. to be named Austin Jackson Field in honor of World Series baseball player and local Austin Jackson.
  • Evers Park Baseball Field #2 to be named Javy Guerra Field in honor of former Ryan High — and current Washington Nationals — baseball player Javy Guerra.
  • Industrial Street Park at 108 Industrial St. to be renamed Wolff’s Park in honor of the Wolff family that owned Wolff’s Food Store from 1947-1997.
  • Rayzor Ranch Property at 3230 Heritage Trail to be named Rayzor Ranch Park in honor of the local Rayzor family.
  • Mills Property at 215 E. McKinney St. to be renamed East Lake Park.

None of the 10 trail names approved were in honor of an individual, and all but two of them were named after the nearest major road.

Only one renaming application wasn’t approved Monday. It was for Carnegie Ridge Property at 6500 Ridglea Court to be named Patrick Park in honor of Professor Patrick Maguire, who died in 2014.

“The park board supported everything that was presented except for the Patrick Park item because the family wanted to modify the application,” Packan said Tuesday afternoon.

He said two other applications were received after the submission deadline; the board members will review those at a later meeting.

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