A motorist follows a detour sign

A motorist follows a detour sign along the West Hickory Street reconstruction site.

Generally, whenever the city closes a road, a detour is marked with signs or message boards.

According to city spokeswoman Jessica Rogers, for major projects, the city’s traffic engineers approve traffic re-route plans to make sure detours are safe, easy to navigate and are the shortest feasible route around the closure. Those closures come with advance notice to motorists, pedestrians and cyclists and guide them through that designated route. 

Temporary and emergency closures may not be marked, however, particularly when they are on small neighborhood streets that don't get much traffic.

"In these instances, we do our best to notify road users of the construction and encourage them to use caution, but we may not mark a specific detour route," Rogers said. "When we set detours, we take a couple factors into consideration related to the condition and capacity of roads, the likely impacts of the detour on traffic patterns, and the fastest way to get road users back on their planned route. However, if a detour route is not working for a specific project, we appreciate feedback from the community. The on-the-ground users can provide insight or considerations that we may not have been aware of when we implemented the original detour plan."

Submit feedback by clicking on the "report an issue" button on the city's website, cityofdenton.com. The city takes service requests through the Engage Denton online system, also available as an app for mobile devices. 

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