Made infamous by frequent car accidents and less frequent fatalities, a stretch of Hickory Creek Road is back open with newly installed guardrails.

According to previous reporting, a car or truck has lost control on the S-curve an average of every three months since 2014, and four of seven serious wrecks have landed a vehicle in the adjacent creek. 

The most recent deaths came to Daniel Rivera, 14, and his brother, Diego, 17, when their SUV rolled into the creek on Jan. 9. Their deaths seem to have been the catalyst for quick safety improvements. 

The dangerous section of Hickory Creek Road was closed for 15 days to allow county crews to repair road damage, paint new stripes, trim trees and install 2,650 feet of guardrail. 

However, it might trouble the observant driver that a particularly sharp turn seems to now be the only section of the S-curve without a guardrail. 

Jessica Rogers, a spokeswoman for the city of Denton, said the unprotected dirt section is a road toward a sewer access point for city workers.

Beyond that, Denton County Commissioner Hugh Coleman pointed out that "the majority of the accidents were along the straightaway, and that's where the creek is." 

He said workers will eventually install additional safety measures on the section, including warning signs. At that point, officials for the city and county will decide how best to split the cost roughly down the middle. 

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