Mosquito season is here, and stagnant water sources (including swimming pools) can contribute to this problem. Homeowners have a duty to maintain their swimming pools.

Community Improvement Services. Homeowners have a duty under the city’s property maintenance code to care for their pools so that they do not become “a breeding ground for mosquitoes, flies or other pests or which may adversely impact the public health and safety or create an odor nuisance.” (City of Denton, Code of Ordinances, Article VII, Environmental Nuisances.)

Enforcement efforts vary but can start with ensuring the homeowner is applying larvicide to kill mosquito larvae and otherwise treating the water to eliminate pests and odors.

You can remain anonymous when you make the complaint by either filing it online through the city’s website, cityofdenton.com, the Engage Denton application on your smartphone or by calling 940-349-8743.

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