Denton PD patch

A Denton Police Department patch found on officers’ uniforms.

It’s the Golden Triangle, of course.

Denton Police Department uniforms come with a patch that includes the shape of Texas with the words “DENTON” and “TEXAS” inside the shape, with the “T” of “Texas” building from the “T” in “DENTON.” It also includes a triangle with a star on top of it.

The star symbolizes the Golden Triangle, a geographical reference to Denton, Dallas and Fort Worth forming a triangle, although the triangle on the police patch appears to be an isosceles triangle while the geographical triangle is a scalene triangle (we measured). And the star represents Denton as the top of the Golden Triangle.

It’s not a Greek symbol found at a fraternity or sorority gathering. Nor is it a Masonic symbol. Denton police spokesman Bryan Cose said he’s been asked if it’s a Christmas tree and even if it's the head of a Teletubby.

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