McKenna Park

In a 2012 photo, Denton resident Alaya Alaytseva uses her laptop while enjoying a sunny day at McKenna Park.

The top of the radio tower must have a light because of its proximity to a hospital where emergency helicopters take off and land. The tower is on city property, but is maintained by Verizon Wireless. 

The city's Technology Services staff contacted Verizon after receiving the first complaint about the bright lights on Feb. 11. We reached out to Verizon on Thursday. 

According to company spokeswoman Jeannine Brew Braggs, crews could not get parts to repair the old system and installed the light as a temporary measure.

The company will have to replace the entire lighting system for the tower in order to meet Federal Aviation Administration and Federal Communications Commission requirements. That is expected to take about a month. 

The city staff said they have asked Verizon to provide weekly updates on the progress.

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