A crew micro-surfaces Audra Lane in eastern Denton

A crew micro-surfaces Audra Lane in eastern Denton.

Chances are your street didn’t get repaved, it got micro-sealed.

A crew applies a special slurry that helps extend pavement life by five to seven years. The slurry cures quickly and corrects minor ruts and irregularities in the pavement, which can help the ride be a little smoother.

But it also protects the pavement structure from damaging moisture. The slurry can be a cost-effective alternative to asphalt overlays. In other words, micro-sealing can help asphalt roads ride smoother, last longer and save money.

Earlier in June, the City Council approved a three-year, $2.5 million contract with International Slurry Seal to provide this kind of maintenance for Denton. About 65 road segments will be micro-sealed in the coming months.

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