Don't Mess With Texas

A red, white and blue roadside trash can is part of the Texas Department of Transportation’s “Don’t Mess With Texas” anti-litter campaign.

It can feel powerless to watch someone toss a bag or cigarette butt out their car window, or watch trash fly out of the back of a pickup as you are driving behind.

But the good folks behind the long-running "Don’t Mess With Texas" anti-litter campaign have come up with a friendly way to remind people that littering is both costly and unsightly.

Keep your hands on the wheel until you or someone else can safely note a few details of the littering that you witnessed, including the license plate number; make and color of the vehicle; time, date and place; and who tossed what.

File the information here:

Employees at the Texas Department of Transportation review the information, and when they find an exact match among vehicle registrations, they send the litterer a “Don’t Mess With Texas” litter bag along with a letter reminding them to keep their trash off the roads.

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