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The table was updated to reflect a change in council member Deb Armintor's absence rate. She had arrived late to four meetings, and was previously marked absent at roll call. Armintor missed one full council meeting in the past year and city records have been changed to reflect that. 

No. With the November 2017 charter election, Denton voters authorized stipends be paid to the mayor and council members for the first time. The stipend is meant to compensate the members for the time they spend not only at meetings of the full council, but also in committees and related work.

Tony Puente, the city’s chief finance officer, said each council member is paid once a month based on the fixed amount less applicable withholdings. Because Place 5 council member Deb Armintor is a full-time employee at the University of North Texas, she declined the stipend. 

The question got us wondering, however, about individual absences. Going back to Armintor’s swearing-in, and counting absences for 41 meetings, we noted the following absentee rate (with no allowances for individual members for illness, conference attendance, vacations, etc.):

  • Mayor Chris Watts, 15 percent
  • District 1 Gerard Hudspeth, 7 percent
  • District 2 Keely Briggs, 7 percent
  • District 3 Don Duff, 20 percent
  • District 4 John Ryan, 2 percent
  • Place 5 Deb Armintor, 2 percent
  • Place 6 Paul Meltzer, 2 percent

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