Denton Public Library's 3D printer

No. In a memo to the Denton City Council, Denton Public Library Director Jennifer Bekker said the library staff was aware of the possibility since first bringing the printers to the Forge Makerspace at North Branch Library.

The 3D printers at the Forge don’t print with the precision necessary to manufacture a working gun.

To prevent a patron from creating any kind of workaround to that limitation, the library developed a community-use policy forbidding the use of library printers to manufacture weapons. In addition, the library staff verify that what a patron is printing is actually what they claim, and the patron must pick up the printed item from the circulation desk. In other words, no one can directly print files without staff interaction and review.

Bekker said it's not practical for the library to block websites that are repositories for printable gun designs, since 3D print jobs come via email or USB drive.

“The Library is confident that existing printing quality limitations, library policies and procedures, and staff review of all submitted 3D print jobs would prevent functional firearms from being printed at the Denton Public Library,” Bekker wrote.

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