Texas law gives cities some power to regulate noise. Denton, for example, makes it a Class C misdemeanor for music to be played louder than 65 decibels when measured from 50 feet away.

But Lantana isn't a city, or within a city.

Under state law, an individual can face a criminal charge of disorderly conduct if that person continues a noise of 85 decibels or above after being told to stop.

Most people consider noise at 75 db or above to be too loud, with 85 db considered twice as loud as 75 db. A vacuum cleaner operates at about 75 db. A diesel truck passing by at 40 mph is about 85 db.

Lantana is one of several large subdivisions in Denton County that were built as special districts, outside of cities, for property tax purposes. Savannah, Paloma Creek, Canyon Falls and Harvest are special taxing districts, not cities. Residents are often surprised to learn that special districts have limited governing authority, particularly when compared to cities.

- Peggy Heinkel-Wolfe

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