DCTA buses

Students get on and off a bus near the intersection of North Texas Boulevard and West Highland Street. 

For the safety of passengers and other motorists, the Denton County Transportation Authority serves riders only at bus stops. 

According to agency spokeswoman Adrienne Hamilton, bus stop locations are "evaluated in relation to street intersections whether it should be located as a far-side stop, near-side stop or mid-block stop. Given these factors, it is usually not safe for passengers to board or alight to and from buses at stoplights that regulate traffic at intersections."

Other factors for safe locations include those free from obstacles, such as light poles, street signs and storm drains so that the bus doors can open and a wheelchair ramp or lift can be deployed fully, Hamilton said. 

DCTA also sets bus stops in locations likely to generate riders, but safety considerations come first, Hamilton said.

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