Students walk to their destinations in the rain Wednesday at Texas Woman's University. 

We called the National Weather Service office in Fort Worth to find out, since the team services the official weather data collected at Denton Enterprise Airport. Meteorologist Steve Fano said that, as of Oct. 23, a total of 33.15 inches has been recorded in 2018.

That’s considerably less than the 47.20 inches officially recorded a little farther south and a little east at DFW International Airport.

Fano said the data collection system was down at the airport twice this year, once in February and again on Oct. 12. The October outage occurred during a big rainstorm, and there is no accurate way to determine how much rain truly fell in Denton that day, Fano said.

Even within Denton itself, backyard observations can vary widely from one neighborhood to the next.

“Rainfall is extremely variable,” Fano said.

But as heavy as the rains have been this month, Fano says the totals for Denton probably aren’t too far off. The next nearest rain gauge to Denton is in Justin and has a complete record for 2018, so far. It records the weight of the water collected, so the gauge rarely has missing data. The Justin rain gauge recorded about 30 inches as of Oct. 23, Fano said.

Denton's rainfall totals for 2018 will go into the books with an asterisk, as they often do when there is missing data, Fano said.

He estimated that Denton has seen about 34 inches of rain so far this year — until Wednesday’s frog strangler of a storm dumped another inch-plus.

— Peggy Heinkel-Wolfe

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