Medical staff work in a truck that houses the COVID-19 vaccines waiting to be administered to patients on Tuesday at Discovery Park.

Denton County Public Health says it’s still operating on a first-come, first-served basis for its COVID-19 vaccination waitlist.

“We are still working the waitlist as first entered into the waitlist, first scheduled for appointment,” department spokesperson Jennifer Rainey stated via email. “The [Texas Department of State Health Services] has advised not to prioritize either tier over another, so we are utilizing first in, first out.”

As of Friday afternoon, the day following DCPH’s 3,000-vaccine clinic at C.H. Collins Athletic Complex, that waitlist included just over 82,000 people — a number that included residents outside the county, which the department opened itself up to last Sunday following its designation as a Texas vaccination hub.

Questions have also arisen from the need for a second dose for both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, which come either 21 or 28 days after the first is administered. The requirement of two shots per person has led to confusion from recipients, as well as some providers themselves, about how the vaccine shipments are to be used.

Rainey specified that DCPH, following the state’s guidance, is not holding back vaccines for use as second doses. Instead, providers will receive shipments specifically for that use.

Rainey also clarified that that the same shot is used for both the first and second doses, and that it’s recommended not to get two shots from separate producers— for example, someone getting the Pfizer vaccine for their first dose and the Moderna vaccine for their second.

— Justin Grass

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