The Texas Department of Transportation has erected a new sign for Exit 462 on Interstate 35E, which used to alert motorists to Mayhill and State School Roads. Now Brinker Road and Buc-ee’s Boulevard have been added to the signage to reflect the route changes in the area.

Buc-ee’s Boulevard is now a city-named roadway, according to state and local officials.

A new underpass takes Brinker Road from the west side of Interstate 35E to the southbound frontage road — a handy bypass for motorists hoping to avoid traffic on Loop 288 and one that should open as soon as the traffic lights are installed. The short roadway that leads into the popular travel plaza has been deemed Buc-ee’s Boulevard, according to Brian Jahn, the city’s traffic engineer.

Texas Department of Transportation spokeswoman Emily McCann said the new, permanent signs for Exit 462 and Exit 463 include Buc-ee’s Boulevard because it is a city-named roadway.

“TxDOT typically names cross streets at intersections such as the Brinker/Buc-ee’s intersection,” McCann said in an email, adding that it helps drivers navigate the new intersection.

The listed address for the Denton Buc-ee’s store is 2800 S. I-35E. —Peggy Heinkel-Wolfe

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