Flooding in 2015

Krum Fire Department Lt. Kent Bull Rivers wades through the Dollar General parking lot in Krum after heavy rains caused flooding in 2015. 

It’s complicated. Most major Texas cities and many counties participate in the National Flood Insurance Program, a taxpayer-backed program that insures homes and businesses at risk of flooding because of their proximity to creeks and rivers. Denton and Denton County participate, which means property owners can get flood insurance. (And those most at risk may be required to do so by their lender.)

Individual property owners can do little to lower their premiums. However, participating government entities can do a lot. Most cities and counties adopt widely accepted policies to manage flood risk, which helps lower premiums in their jurisdiction. Those policies can range from ambitious public works projects that lift property from the floodplain, putting limits on construction in areas prone to flooding and even removing structures from flood-prone areas.

In addition, the flood maps that trigger various insurance requirements can change from time to time and are often updated after major floods.

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