An exterior shot of Backyard on Bell

An exterior shot of Backyard on Bell, which has been the subject of noise complaints in recent days.

Yes. In a recent report to the City Council, Police Deputy Chief Frank Padgett said that from October 2017 through July 2018 the department took 1,666 noise complaints. 

Sometimes the officers were unable to locate the disturbance, but a total of 1,040 times, they found the culprits and issued a warning. The department's aim is to get compliance, and most of the time they do, Padgett said. 

And that includes complaints of noise coming from businesses. During that same time period, 68 complaints were over noise from a restaurant or bar. Another dozen involved a store, storage facility and, in one case, a car wash/laundromat. 

Those times officers were not able to gain compliance, they wrote a citation — 17 in all during that time frame. 

To enforce the ordinance, officers measure 50 feet from the noise source or the perimeter of an event. Noise exceeding 65 decibels violates the city's ordinance. 

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