Monsignor King

People wait outside the Monsignor King Outreach Center, an emergency homeless shelter, earlier this month. 

We’ve heard Dani Shaw, Denton’s community development manager, try to tackle this question in the past. The rumor persists — even though there’s no reasonable way to know whether it is true, Shaw says.

“Establishing residency for people experiencing homeless by definition is complex because they have no house with a street address. What we understand is that due to the instability in housing and services, just as many people experiencing homelessness who may come into Denton also leave Denton for other communities,” Shaw said.

Denton doesn’t have a public hospital, for example, while Dallas has both Parkland Memorial Hospital and the VA Medical Center.

When it comes to providing help to people, whether they are at risk of becoming homeless or already are, “the community approach is to serve people where they live, whether that is sheltered or unsheltered,” Shaw adds.

The United Way of Denton County has taken a leadership role in building that community approach to helping people who are homeless. For more information, visit

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