Technically, yes. The city government has had an ordinance in place requiring filmmakers to get a permit, which is free, since 1994.

The permit asks filmmakers about their general plans, including those that could affect public safety - whether a street needs to be closed or pyrotechnics will be used, for example.

The ordinance doesn't require people making home movies to secure a permit. Casual filmmakers can often be seen around town, particularly on the downtown Square. Julie Glover, the city's downtown development coordinator, said the city hasn't been a stickler about permits for the casual filmmaker, either, but they would like to know more.

City officials plan to seek a "film-friendly" designation for Denton and permits could help them gather more data about how much filmmaking is going on, Glover said.

The Texas Film Commission, part of the Texas Governor's Office, has granted the film-friendly community designation since 2007. About 100 Texas cities have the designation, including nearby Sanger, Frisco and Roanoke. They are part of a statewide hub of information that movie-makers can use to easily search possible location shoots.

For more information, visit both the city's website at and the governor's at

- Peggy Heinkel-Wolfe

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