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The owner of Green Tree Estates has told residents there that he will be shutting off the water to the mobile homes on Nov. 15. The city is prepared to offer the neighborhood access to a city water line, but the owner won’t tap in.

After we reported that the residents of a small mobile home community on Swisher Road could soon lose access to running water, a Twitter user asked this question, since one of the main purposes of the Community Block Development Grant program is public improvements for low- to moderate-income neighborhoods.

Green Tree Estates is tucked in a census block that does not meet the definition of a low-income neighborhood, city staff said. However, it’s possible the city could conduct an income survey and submit the project to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, but they do not know how long it would take to get approval, city staff say.

Once approved, the city would also have to choose one of two other steps to fund the project: either re-budget the allocations for the current year or wait for FY2020 HUD funds, which begin Aug. 1, 2020.

Even if funding could be allocated through the program, other issues with property acquisition and environmental assessments have to be addressed to comply with HUD regulations.

Also, the city could risk having to repay the money to HUD if the property were sold in the near future, staff said. The Roddy family is selling its portion of the Green Tree Estates mobile home park, although many other residents own their mobile home lot separate from the property up for sale.

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