Most criminal cases and complaints come through the Denton County District Attorney's Office, often filed by police or deputies and occasionally filed by individuals. However, an individual can mail a criminal complaint directly to the grand jury, too.

A grand jury is assembled by a judge in a similar way to a trial jury. A trial jury meets daily to listen to and decide the fate of one case, but a grand jury in Denton County usually meets weekly for several months to hear many cases. The grand jury decides whether there is enough evidence to indict a person with a crime ("true bill") or not ("no bill").

The grand jury foreman has a key to a mailbox and is supposed to check it for complaints once a week. First Assistant District Attorney Jamie Beck said it is rare for the grand jury to receive a complaint this way, but they do from time to time. One complaint came by mail last year, she said.

The mailing address is: Denton County Grand Jury, P.O. Box 1271, Denton, TX 76202.

- Peggy Heinkel-Wolfe

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