No. You need to collect them for city crews to pick up or compost them yourself.

We first tackled this topic in a 2015 Insight Denton, after a reader asked about the street sweeping schedule.

That year, we learned that street sweepers help keep the storm sewers clean — which need to be free of decaying leaf litter to work their best. Drivers log thousands of miles crisscrossing the city each year and compost thousands of pounds of material from the job.

The street department schedules sweeping during holidays in areas where there tends to be a lot of on-street parking. Department officials also ask that you trim low-hanging branches on trees close to the street so the sweepers can get under them.

In addition to clogging the storm sewers, excessive leaves in the street can pose a safety problem for bicyclists. Most cyclists, and even some motorists, will avoid rolling over leaves, since they cannot see the hazards underneath.

In addition, piles of wet leaves can be as slippery as an icy patch to bicyclists and motorcyclists.

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