Representatives from the Guam Power Authority toured Denton's new power plant, the Denton Energy Center, this week. 

Denton Municipal Electric's General Manager George Morrow led the tour with plant manager Jason Brown and Chris Lutrick, DME's electric engineer. 

Guam is a territory of the United States with a population of 162,000. In August 2015, a pair of power plants exploded and burned and are now inoperable. Like Denton, the Guam Power Authority is committed to renewable energy and reducing dependence on fossil fuels for power. 

Peak demand for power on the island can reach 281.5 megawatts, comparable to Denton's peak of 350 megawatts. 

The Denton power plant has unofficially entered the Texas energy marketplace and is expected to be an official part of the state's energy portfolio as of July 1. 

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