Jade Harris’ family knew something was wrong when they found her car abandoned in Carrollton last Friday.

“She never leaves her car,” her mother, Sorena Herrington, said. “She would call me or her dad before she’d leave it on the side of the road.”

The car had a flat tire. Inside it was wrecked, papers spread throughout as if it had been rummaged through.

The family filed a missing person’s report. A couple of days went by and on Sunday, people out fishing saw a body on a bank of a rural Denton County creek and reported it to police. On Tuesday, Herrington and the family learned it was Harris, her body stabbed and disregarded.

And now, as the Denton County Sheriff’s Office continues its homicide investigation, Harris’ family is devastated and looking for help to give Harris a proper burial.

“This is something you see on TV, and I’m living it in real life,” John Harris, Jade’s husband with whom she had two children, said on Thursday.

Jade grew up around North Texas, living in places like Lewisville, Denton and Ponder. Not even 5 feet tall, Jade is described by her mother as somebody who couldn’t be told no.

“She was spunky, she was hardheaded, she had her way all the time,” Herrington said fondly before turning back to grief. “We don’t have those bright blue eyes of hers to look upon anymore. We won’t hear ‘I love you’ come off her lips ever again.”

She lived an arduous life at times. She struggled with addiction. About three years ago, Herrington said, she was badly assaulted by an ex-boyfriend. But the way she died still comes as a complete shock to Herrington and John Harris.

“This is not the ending that I feared,” John said. “I definitely didn’t want to find out that somebody had killed my wife.”

John and Jade separated earlier this year, he said. But he was trying to find her after he discovered her abandoned car in Carrollton.

“She was a light,” he said. “I’m at a loss. I’ve done my crying. I’m hurt. And I’m gonna miss her dearly.”

John and Herrington talk to each other daily. Herrington married them back in 2018. They were going to have a bigger ceremony later. Herrington still has Jade’s wedding dress in her office.

“She never got to wear it,” Herrington said, her voice cracking as she held back tears.

They’re both awaiting the results of what is described as a “fast moving” investigation by the sheriff’s office. They want to know what happened and who did it to her.

The plan is to bury Jade in the Kaufman County town of Kemp next to Herrington’s sister, in a plot that was meant to be Herrington’s own final resting place. But she is asking for help to fund the funeral and the burial.

She wants to do it next weekend.

“It depends on when I have the money in hand,” she said.

The family started a GoFundMe fundraiser and are asking for donations to afford the funeral expenses.

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