I’m Jim Mann, and I’m running for the Denton City Council seat, Place 6 at large. I was born and reared here — Flow Memorial Hospital, Woodrow Wilson, Strickland, Denton High School. I grew up in Idiot’s Hill. Most of us couldn’t wait to get out of this one-horse town!

Denton is special — it draws you in. Twenty-eight years ago, my wife and I decided this was the place to start and raise a family, and we returned.

A lot has changed — there are a lot more horses in this one-horse town! The deserted Square is now packed on weekends. When I was a kid, there was a sentiment that Denton was “closed for business.” We wanted to stay a small, bedroom community. Those days are gone. We’re the No. 2 boomtown in America.

Our citizens are wonderful, our county fair and rodeo is fantastic, and our Arts & Jazz Festival is unparalleled.

One of my favorite T-shirts has emblazoned on the front: Denton, Original, Independent.

I’m running for City Council, Place 6 at large to keep it that way! I want that hometown of my childhood for my kids (and hopefully soon, grandkids). Like you, I have chosen not to live in Austin or Dallas or Plano. We choose Denton!

I’m a fifth-generation Texan — the Manns arrived in East Texas in 1836. According to family lore, my great-great-grandfather William L. Mann was close friends with Sam Houston, and the two were known to enjoy whiskey together on the Manns’ porch. We came to Denton when my father, Ralph Mann, took the job of Denton city attorney.

Here is my pledge to fellow Dentonites:

Less government

The City Council’s focus is economic development, safety, roads, zoning and capital improvement — that’s the core function of a city government. A city council doesn’t need to be involved in social re-engineering experiments that deprive citizens’ constitutional rights. I will lead the City Council to “stay in its lane” and stay out of national politics. I believe in a transparent and user-friendly city government.

Support law enforcement

As your conservative candidate, I “Back the Blue” and will provide strong support for our police and first responders. I have signed Gov. Greg Abbott’s “Back the Blue” petition.

Family values

The City Council will, from time to time, be asked to weigh in on social matters that impact families. I will always uphold traditional American family values.

Economic growth

Our friendly response to welcoming newcomers must also translate to a friendly response to business. People need jobs. Cities need employers. Homeowners can’t bear the brunt of all our taxes! If we are pro-business, we can keep our effective tax rate low. Let’s reopen Denton safely!

Managed growth

With our incredible growth come challenges. We are the solution. Denton has great leadership in the city manager and staff; the City Council needs to provide oversight but also let them do their jobs and stop micromanaging them.

Strong ethics

I commit to ethical and moral dealings in all my activities, both in and out of office.

Thank you for considering me for your vote. Find out more at www.MannForDenton.com. The municipal spots are at the bottom of the ballot. Go all the way to the bottom to select the right Mann!

JIM MANN is running for the Denton City Council, Place 6, seat in the Nov. 3 general election. His opponents are incumbent Paul Meltzer and Liam York.

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